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Professional, Transparent & Cheaper

Giving passengers an instant price comparison and letting them name their own price.

Get in, scan on and save time.

*We accept cash, card and mobile payments.

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Select from a price comparison or set your own price

At Destarny we always show the suggested surge multiplier (market demand) which can go up but it may also go below the X1.0 standard rate for off-peak periods.

After entering your destination we show a trip estimate — price comparison — with multiple booking options. 

Ultimately you may set your own price and be notified within 60 seconds if a driver committed to your request!

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Instant Hail Discounts 
(Peak & Off-Peak Options)

Our roof sign colours signify predetermined discounts available for hailed fares without the need to make a booking.

White Light

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Standard Taxi Rates

The standard white light on the roof of a taxi  signifies a standard taxi rate as regulated by Point to Point Transport Commissioner of NSW.

Yellow Light

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Rideshare Price Match

A yellow roof sign signifies that the taxi will price match rideshare X1.0 rate. Simply hail that individual cab, scan on and you will pay the discounted rideshare rate in a cab.

Amber Light

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Shared Taxi Ride

The amber sign indicates a shared taxi ride which is 50% cheaper for 2 passengers, 66% off per passenger for 3 or 75% off per passenger for a 4 person shared ride. 

flash a-taxi-for-a-discount

Flash phone to request a discount

When hailing a Destarny taxi with the Destarny app our drivers recognise the flashlight pattern and know you're requesting a rideshare price match

If you are in a quiet area and can’t hail a cab you can simply make an instant booking with the press of a button.

Alternatively you can do an advanced set-fare booking by naming your own price.

To use our app we require you to register with a valid credit card for spam and security reasons but once registered you can pay cash, use a physical card in the vehicle per trip or simply use any one of your cards on your account.

Grab A Shared Cab And Get Home Sooner

Unlike the bus, there is no queue, and your fare is split automatically between passengers.

Shared Taxi Ride

A Shared Taxi could be 75% cheaper depending on the number of passengers in the cab. 

A shared cab is great for the morning commute from Bondi to the City or along any major arterial roads when everyone is travelling in a common direction.

The split fare is calculated automatically by the taximeter regardless where people get in or out and unlike rideshare pools, at Destarny, we pass on the full discount to the consumer.

A shared cab can be identified by the orange roof light and the Destarny app displays the destination and discount available for each vehicle.

For short trips a shared taxi is a true  — bus alternative — and could end up cheaper.

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Calling All Battle Stations

At the Battle of Elands River, the Australian soldiers earned a reputation as diggers, who hastily dugout defences in the hard ground. The taxi industry needs to dig in and defend our turf by reinventing ourselves and fighting for this new generation.