Destarny's vision is to cut membership costs and bring back profitability to drivers and operators with an — on-demand — network fee structure that places mutually beneficial incentives on networks to generate work for their drivers.



Our vision is for lower pay-in, more work and negligible fees

Taxi Operators pay large network fees which results in a larger driver pay-in and lower incomes for drivers.

We understand that there are real costs associated with operating a Taxi Network — nevertheless — network fees should reflect operational costs relative to the work provided. 

Networks should not boast in the volume of work their drivers do when 60% of the income is standard hail and rank work.

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Hail and rank jobs were not generated by their booking systems and belong to the plate owners.

It is time for a modern on-demand Taxi Network.

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Cutting Radio Fees Is Key To Making The Taxi Industry Competitive

Since the introduction of Uber and now COVID-19 — the network fees charged — are unworkable and no longer justified.

Keep More Of Your Money

How does a network justify charging an Operator $800 a month in network fees when at best they will generate is a $1,200 radio work per week. This means if a network generates $4,800 in bookings (for the month) the vehicle only captures 83% of that work since $800 is paid out as radio fees and is ultimately paid by the driver.

These Network Fees are equivalent to giving customers a 17% discount on all your bookings work which is approximately Uber’s lowest none surge rate. If you removed these costs a Taxi could price match or even undercut Uber X1.0 lowest rate on some return trips and the driver would still make more money and win more work.

Clearly, a change is needed and at Destarny we have addressed all these issues and have a vision and strategy to win back the consumer.

Our goal is to show you the money!

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Superior Integration & Technology

Destarny Taxi Service

Instant Hail Discounts 
(Peak & Off-Peak Options)

Our roof sign colours signify predetermined discounts available for hailed fares without the need for a passenger to make a booking. The roof lights turns on and off automatically and the colours are controlled through the app.

White Light

destarny taxi-white-roof-sign

Standard Taxi Rates

The standard white light on the roof of a taxi  signifies a standard taxi rate as regulated by Point to Point Transport Commissioner of NSW.

Yellow Light

destarny taxi-yellow-roof-sign

Rideshare Price Match

A yellow roof sign signifies that the taxi will price match rideshare X1.0 rate. Simply hail that individual cab, scan on and you will pay the discounted rideshare rate in a cab.

Amber Light

destarny taxi-green-roof-sign

Shared Taxi Ride

The amber sign indicates a shared taxi ride which is 50% cheaper for 2 passengers, 66% off per passenger for 3 or 75% off per passenger for a 4 person shared ride. 

Drive With Destarny

If you don’t drive a Destarny branded vehicle but hold a taxi licence and drive for another network you may still sign up to receive bookings on your mobile.

By becoming a Destarny driver you will get access to our Shared Ride Taximeter which is great on major arterial roads when everyone is travelling in the same direction. 

With the Destarny driver account, you will be able to price match the standard rideshare meter during off-peak periods when you can not fit on a taxi rank.

Additionally, you will get more work and be able to accept and dispatch private offloads — free of charge — with nearby driver dispatch efficiency minus the telegram noise.

Destarny will collect the $1.10 Government Levy on bookings including taximeter work when using the Rideshare Meter or the Shared Taximeter option.

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